Digital Dental Anesthesia

Anesthesie Digitale / Digital Anesthesia

Dental Anesthesia represents a genuine source of stress and fear for several patients, many of them children. Some people experience dizziness simply within sight of a needle coming close to their mouth. In general, no one enjoys this sort of dental visit.

Thankfully, those days are over since at Santé dentaire VMR, we are committed to always staying up to date on cutting-edge technology available in our area of expertise. Henceforth, we are proud to rely on the latest advancements in dental anesthesia: The Wand.


The Wand: anesthesia without pain

At first, we should point out that during dental anesthesia, the needle does not cause the pain, but it is rather the pressure of the liquid, which penetrates the tissues (nerves) next to your tooth. By regulating this pressure, The Wand machine will revolutionize our patients’ experience.

The Wand is a computer controlled dental anesthesia system that dispenses the anesthetic with a controlled and painless flow rate. This system is THE solution for people struggling with dental phobia.

You will feel a slight pressure that will enable you to be more relaxed and therefore make your visit a more enjoyable one. This process also eliminates the visual effect of the needle coming close to the mouth, consequently reducing the level of anxiety for patients. The tool used for the dental anesthesia does not look like a needle, but rather looks like a pencil or a pen.


Less numbness while anesthetizing one tooth

Thanks to this extraordinary digital platform available at Santé dentaire VMR, the numbness effect will be less noticeable since we will be more precise while performing dental local anesthesia, thus targeting the one tooth. Therefore, you will not feel numbness on your cheeks or lips for a few hours, since just a small area around the treated tooth will be numb.


A positive experience as early as childhood

This offered technology at Santé dentaire VMR will allow everyone a more enjoyable experience. The reluctance most adults have comes from bad memories that took place during their childhood. As the children experience more positive first visits, the adults will slowly get over their earlier fears!

This state-of-the-art technology along with our personalized service and experienced team makes Santé dentaire VMR, the best dental clinic in the Town of Mount-Royal! Discover painless digital anesthesia and the various services offered by our team of dentists. Book an appointment today!