Teeth Cleaning and Periodic Checkup

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Did you know that there are more than 200 possible diagnoses in your mouth? That’s why teeth cleaning and a periodic checkup are vital for maintaining good dental and oral health. It will help prevent any problems and suggest an appropriate treatment plan.

During a visit at Santé Dentaire VMR , such an exam will be divided in 3 steps:

  1. Preliminary meeting
    Your dentist will take a few minutes to ask you a few questions, particularly on your present health condition and on changes that have occurred since your last visit. Subsequently, the dentist will give the dental hygienist his consent to proceed to the next step.
  2. Deep teeth cleaning
    The dental hygienist is responsible for your follow up in dental hygiene which includes complete teeth cleaning as well as prophylaxis. She will begin with scaling, then she will polish the teeth with paste, and will finish with dental floss. She will offer some advice for better oral hygiene and in terms of nutrition.
  3. The dentist’s checkup
    During the cleaning, the dental hygienist will have made a few screening observations that she will pass on to the dentist.  The latter will next examine the teeth, the gums, the tongue, the soft tissues under the tongue, the palate, inside the cheeks and the lymph nodes. He will check for gum infection or cavities, filling erosion and any other unusual symptoms in your mouth. At the end of the exam, the dentist will give a diagnosis if applicable and will propose a treatment plan.


Smooth Process

Our dental hygienists make sure to put you at ease by measuring your stress level and by being aware of your predispositions. Our team makes it their duty to do their job very smoothly to reduce the level of discomfort. At any time, the patient can express his concerns and we will listen to the needs in order to reassure him.

Digital Radiography Producing Less Radiation

Santé dentaire VMR uses digital radiography which is more effective and produces between 70% and 90% less radiation than traditional radiography on film. For a patient who has less problems, we will do radiographies once every two years, but this frequency can vary from one patient an other.

Advanced Technology

Since technology is at the heart of our work, we use intra oral photography to take pictures that are then shown to the patient. He can concretely see what is happening in his mouth, whether it is a tooth problem, stains, ulcers or any other problem.

Teeth Cleaning Frequency

The ACDQ (Association des chirurgiens dentistes du Québec) recommends teeth cleaning and a periodic checkup every six months. Some patients will show up every three, four, nine or twelve months, according to their specific needs

What About the Children?

The first visit to Santé dentaire VMR is done around the age of three. In addition to teeth cleaning, the child will get a fluoride application. During the appointment, hygiene and nutritional tips will be given. The dentist will be able to check and catch the various problems associated with teeth and jaws.

Our personalized service combined with an experienced team, makes Santé Dentaire VMR, THE best dental center in the Town of Mount-Royal! Book an appointment today at Santé Dentaire VMR for teeth cleaning and a periodic checkup or look at our various services offered by our team of dentists.