One Appointment for Dental Crown

Glidewell machine at Santé dentaire VMR

Santé dentaire VMR is proud to be able to offer state-of-the-art equipment so our clients can benefit from the best possible service while saving time. Today, dental crown procedures can also benefit from technological breakthroughs as they will now be offered in one appointment.

The Traditional Method

In the past, and sometimes still today, a crown procedure would require at least two appointments if it went well. The first session allowed the dentist to take the necessary measurements to prepare the tooth for the crown. This step was done digitally or with a conventional impression. The data would then be sent to a laboratory responsible for designing the permanent crown. Two or three weeks later, the crown would arrive at the dentist’s office and the patient would return for the fitting. During this time, the dentist would install a temporary crown. Anyone who has ever worn one knows how problematic it can be! The client had to visit the dentist twice.

The “New” Method

Thanks to new advances in technology, Santé dentaire VMR dentists have an on-site milling machine (Glidewell) to which all information and measurements are instantly sent. As soon as all the information is received, the machine begins to shape the crown from a block of Zirconia available in 16 different colours. During this time, the patient can wait comfortably and can even take the opportunity to check emails or catch up on work. 

After about 35 minutes, the crown is ready. The dentist then proceeds with polishing and sets up for a final check. If everything is right in terms of contact points, bite and appearance, the dentist will cement the crown. If not, the necessary adjustments will be made before proceeding.

A More Accurate Result

In addition to saving patients time, this technology improves the precision of the process. The dentist has complete control over all the details, unlike the “traditional method.”

The dentist can analyze the dimensions, colours, contact points and take all of this into account when sending the information to the machine and finalizing the installation. All this information is fresh in the dentist’s memory since it’s all done in one appointment. This technology therefore minimizes the risk of error and misinterpretation, and dimensional variation for previously used materials. 

If there are special situations related to tooth bruxism, occlusion or if the crown has a particular shape, the dentist can adapt on the spot and design one that will fit perfectly, no matter what the issue. 

For your dental crown requirements or for any other dental need, make an appointment now or consult the range of services offered by our team of dentists.