Digital Dental Impressions

Empreintes Numérique | Digital Impression

At Santé dentaire VMR, technology is at the heart of all care and digital dental impressions are an addition to this range of services. Thanks to the iTero® Element™ system, the patients of our clinic in the Town of Mount-Royal, will benefit from a more pleasant and positive experience when it will be time to have a dental impression done.


What is the purpose of digital dental impressions?

A dental impression is used in orthodontic services, dental crowns, bridges and implants, as well as for Invisalign®. Every mouth is unique and it is thanks to a dental impression that dentists can obtain exact measurements and thus offer necessary corrections.


iTero® Element™ technology

Numerous clinics still use the old method of putting bad tasting paste in the patient’s mouth for several long minutes. The patient then has to bite into this product while staying still to create a template of his mouth.

iTero® Element™ is a way to make digital dental impressions at the cutting-edge of technology. Thanks to this system, your Santé dentaire VMR dentist can quickly get a 3D detailed digital model of your teeth and gums.

Here are some of the benefits provided by this technique:

  • Comfort
    The traditional method can certainly be unpleasant for several patients. It can cause nausea and at times some harm in addition to making breathing more difficult. iTero® Element™ technology functions smoothly and will make your appointment for dental impression a more positive experience.
  • Speed
    The process will be less time consuming and we know that the less time you spend on your dentist’s chair, the better you will feel.
  • Accuracy
    This technology allows the dentist to obtain results and measurements that are far more precise therefore reducing the risk of error.
  • Comprehension
    The patients will quickly see the scanresults and the dentist will be able to explain in practical terms the offered treatment.
  • Better monitoring
    Our dentists can propose an annual scan to better follow-up the detailed development of teeth and gums each year.

Once the digital dental impressions are completed, your dentist obtains a 3D model of your mouth and can quickly find the best solution to solve your problem. For Invisalign®, the template will be sent digitally to the manufacturer who will print the result on a 3D printer.

This technology combined with our customized service and an experienced team makes Santé dentaire VMR, THE ideal dental center in the Town of Mount-Royal! Discover digital dental impressions and the various services offered by our team of dentists. Book your next appointment starting today!