Near-Infrared Imaging Technology – NIRI

Near-Infrared Imaging Technology – NIRI

Over the past few years, technology has revolutionized the world of dentistry and the entire Santé Dentaire VMR team is taking advantage of this revolution by using state-of-the-art tools.

The latest tool is near-infrared imaging technology, known as “NIRI.”

Prevention is Better Than Cure

In dentistry, early detection of cavities is important because it reduces intervention to a minimum and allows for less intrusive treatment of the tooth. Generally, when it comes to detecting cavities, the dentist will use visual and tactile methods combined with x-rays. While visual and tactile methods are limited, X-rays must also be used sparingly as they may carry some risk, however small, for some patients. Visible cavities will be easily detected, but what about interproximal cavities, that is, cavities between teeth?

The Technology that Quickly Detects Cavities

This is precisely where NIRI technology is revolutionizing the world of dentistry. This near-infrared imaging allows for early detection of interproximal cavities. Furthermore, this technology is non-invasive, which means it can be used as often as needed to monitor the development of cavities. It is an excellent alternative to traditional X-rays. Pregnant women, children who have smaller mouths, and people who have to undergo chemotherapy treatments will particularly benefit from it.

A Wealth of Data in a Matter of Seconds

With NIRI technology, a single scan can provide a wealth of data. Your Sante Dentaire VMR dentist will obtain a 3D model, 2D color images and NIRI images mapped onto the 3D model. Your dentist will even be able to rotate the 3D model of your teeth on a computer screen without having to look inside your mouth. He or she will be able to observe what is happening between your teeth and take the opportunity to explain and demonstrate the procedure without you feeling any pain.

Numerous Studies to Back it Up

Near-infrared imaging is not new. Researchers have been studying this technology and approach since the early 1990s. In fact, over the years, several clinical studies have shown that the sensitivity of NIRI imaging is as powerful as radiographic examinations and is well suited for the detection and imaging of interproximal cavities. An online search of the scientific literature and studies conducted with NIRI technology can give you answers to any questions you may have.

Cavities: A Threat to your Health

Did you know that nearly 100% of adults have or have had cavities and that the majority live with untreated cavities? Tooth decay is one of the two biggest threats to your oral health. It is an infectious disease and one of the most prevalent chronic diseases. That’s why NIRI technology plays such a vital role in helping to detect cavities early. Make an appointment now or consult the range of services offered by our team of dentists.

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