Esthetic Dental Restoration (Tooth Filling)

Restaurations Dentaires Esthetiques / Esthetic Dental Restauration

The vast majority of people will need at least one—or more—dental restorations over the course of their lifetime, and the most common type of dental restoration is a filling.

Two Types of Fillings

If your dentist needs to do a dental restoration and opts for a filling, there are two choices available and it is up to the patient to determine which option he or she wishes to have.

  1. Dental Composite Restoration (White Fillings) 

    A white filling is the most popular choice and is used in most cases. They are made from composite resin, an esthetic material that can be used to restore both posterior and anterior teeth. For this type of filling, your Santé dentaire VMR dentist will remove the decayed part of the tooth to insert the composite into the space that’s been created. Since it’s available in several shades of white that match the different colours of teeth, this type of filling provides a seamless look.Composite resin can also act as a sealant applied in pits and cracks located on the teeth at the back of the mouth to prevent cavities.

  2. Grey Fillings (Amalgam) 

    Amalgam, commonly known as grey filling, is a mixture of mercury, silver, copper and tin. It has been used in dentistry for 150 years! This type of dental filling is less expensive and is reimbursed by the RAMQ for children, unlike white fillings. Its main downside is its silvery colour, which is noticeable to the naked eye and may displease those who don’t appreciate the macro-mechanical retention aspect of this technique. It is necessary to remove the decay in addition to maintaining a healthy tooth structure in order to use this material. For others, it is a very effective option.


Why Do We Need a Filling?

You may be led to believe that a filling is only necessary when there is a cavity, but think again. Your dentist will use this technique when there is abfraction, wear, attrition, cracking or other damage to one or more teeth.

Is it a Long procedure?

Filling a tooth does not take very long at all. If your dentist notices a problem with a tooth during your dental cleaning, he will suggest that you proceed with the filling immediately if the schedule allows for it. Otherwise, you will have to make another appointment.

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