Wisdom Teeth

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Late adolescence and early adulthood often mark an important time in the development of the body in general, including the mouth. Although they can appear at different ages, it is often during the period between 15 and 25 years old that the four wisdom teeth appear. These are the last molars to develop in the mouth.

That’s the reason your Santé Dentaire VMR will perform specific checks at each visit during this period to monitor the growth of wisdom teeth.

Possible complications

The biggest problem with wisdom teeth is the lack of space in the mouth. Many patients simply do not have enough space for the wisdom teeth to develop properly.

This lack of space will result in wisdom teeth remaining fully impacted (not coming out) or partially impacted. In such a situation, the wisdom teeth will be misaligned and will put pressure on the other teeth. This pressure will inevitably cause pain and can often lead to infections, inflammation of the surrounding gums and even the development of cysts or benign tumors.

Prevention is better than cure

By monitoring the evolution of wisdom teeth from adolescence onwards, the dental professional will be able to anticipate what could happen with wisdom teeth and to intervene before complications arise. With detailed digital dental x-rays, it is possible to monitor the situation. In many cases, wisdom teeth will be removed between the ages of 15 and 25. It’s important to know that at this age, healing occurs much faster. The older you get, the greater the risks associated with the extraction and the longer and more difficult the recovery.

Follow the recommendations

Of course, wisdom teeth removal is not pleasant for anyone. It’s a procedure that everyone wants to avoid, but it is important to know that in people between the ages of 15 and 25, complications from such a procedure are quite rare when a person follows the recommendations correctly. Your dental professional will take the time to explain the risks, complications that may arise and review post-extraction care instructions that will allow the patient to recover as quickly as possible.

If you need a consultation for wisdom teeth or for any other issue, make an appointment now or check out the range of services offered by our team of dental professionals.

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