Digital Dental Radiography

Radiographies Numériques / Digital X-ray

Santé dentaire VMR always seeks to provide its patients with cutting-edge equipment, like digital dental radiography. This technology replaces conventional film radiography and offers excellent options and performance.

So, if you’re asking yourself what is digital dental radiography, here is everything you need to know.

  1. Dental panoramic, bitewing and periapical radiographs 

    With its digital dental radiography equipment, Santé dentaire VMR offers three types of x-rays: panoramic, bitewing and periapical. 

    Bitewing radiographs are the most common. They are quickly taken and allow to examine the crown of teeth (teeth crowns). This digital dental radiography helps to see a cavity more easily and can give additional clues about bone levels and the presence of cracks in a filling.

    Panoramic dental radiographs provide an overview of the face’s teeth and bones. It is essential for everything related to bones, sinuses, bone diseases, wisdom teeth, cavities, abscesses and orthodontic treatments.

    Finally, periapical radiographs provide more information about root conditions and the surrounding bones while allowing your dentist to see if there are abscesses or bone pathologies.

  2. A low radiation level 

    This digital dental radiography radiation exposure is about 50% less powerful than conventional radiography. The exposure is extremely short and it should be noted that these machines are regulated by Health Canada. Furthermore, your dentists at Santé dentaire VMR make sure that you have a dental X-ray during your dental cleaning only if it’s necessary, thus minimizing exposure to radiation.

  3. Quick results 

    With this technology, images from the digital dental radiography are available within seconds and your dentist will get detailed results that can be “zoomed in” for even greater accuracy. Since the images are digitized, they can be archived, making them easily accessible during additional visits. Furthermore, if the insurance company requests more information regarding a claim, Santé dentaire VMR will be able to send an image of the X-ray very quickly.

  4. Educate patients 

    Digital dental radiography allows dentists to educate patients by showing them images and explaining concerns, when necessary. Therefore, patients can better understand what is happening and apply the dentist’s recommendations.

  5. Digital radiography’s price 

    Even if technology evolves, the cost of digital dental radiography does not change. Therefore, patients benefit from an improved result for the same price!

  6. The most environmentally friendly dental radiography! 

    In conclusion, this type of dental radiography has a small ecological footprint compared to the older technology. By digitizing images, we eliminate the use of films, which generate tons of waste.

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